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NPC Character Sheet

Post by Lynz Schreidner on Sun May 04, 2008 8:09 pm

Conundrum side:

1. Name: Laurentius Petra Black (will be updated)
Age: 19 to 20 years old
Hair Colour: silver
Eyes Colour: red
Weapon: Sig sauer, Beretta 9000,
Items: brown leather gloves, a silver Alfa-Romeo
Personality: A boy with fox-smile. He is member of Black Family, which means he is a rich person.
Petra likes to play guitar at his spare time, so he knows a lot about music, unlike the other member of either Black Sakura or Conundrum who generally just know about weaponry.

2. Name: Rozencrantz von Audrel
Age: 10 to 11
Hair Colour: Burnt Sienna
Eyes Colour: Golden
Weapon: Tokarev TT, Beretta 9000, Five Seven, bombs, hatche
Items: watches and some cheaps cell phone used for detonator, red choker, ribbon
Personality: She is still a child, so her way of thinks is quite simple and childish. Her understanding in bombs is excessive, that makes her dangerous, even feared in Black Sakura.

3. Name: William Lampard
Age: 40 to 41
Hair Colour: grey
Eyes Colour: dark chocolate
Weapon: P14-45, Walther, Desert Eagle
Items: One-eye-glass
Personality: Quite lack of ability to think up a plan actually. He believes Petra very much because the boy is rich and clever. William is the Leader of Conundrum, so he is the King of Enigma.

*Sial, lebih banyak*

1. Name: Sensou Hikaru
Age: 16 to 17
Hair Colour: Brown Hazel
Eyes Colour: Green
Weapon: Glock, Sig Sauer 9 mm
Items: Hp Compaq 2510p notebook PC, Macbook apple, Eye-glasses, Wireless mike, Personal computer with online GPS
Personality: Thinker and planner type of person. As a member of intelligent district, he always thinks of a plan carefully and detail. This often makes him difficult to think simply.
His talent in analyzing is incredible, and his computer understanding is great.

2. Name: Sensou Hikari
Age: 16 to 17
Hair Colour: Brown Hazel
Eyes Colour: Green
Weapon: Glock, Beretta 90, Beretta 92
Items: Eye-glasses, Lenovo 3000v series, a choker, velvet gloves
Personality: She is Hikaruís twin, so their personality is almost the same, although at class, her scores are mostly higher that Hikaru.

3. Name: Laurentius Vincent Serane
Age: 16 to 17
Hair colour: Black
Eyes Colour: Grey
Weapon: Aconite, modified Beretta model 12
Items: skull necklace, silver earring, leather gloves
Personality: popular-boy type. He is cool and handsome, with somewhat dark style. Every girls in his school knows him, especially the Junior. Good at cracking code and hacking password makes him useful if itís time to hacked into a security system.

4. Name: Cornellius Griffin Reeves
Age: 34 to 35
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eyes colour: Dark blue
Weapon: non specified hand gun, katana
Items: Cigarettes
Personality: Reeves is hard and firm, somewhat stiff. He is the one who takes Allyster into the Black Sakura and trains him into a killer weapon, forbids him to interact with people, especially a girl. He always thinks that love with other people outside Black Sakura just weaken the power. Thatís why he married Lucia.

5. Name: Captain
Age: 28 to 29
Hair Colour: Black
Eyes Colour: Black
Weapon: any sniper riffle
Items: cigarettes
Personality: Captain is Allyster supervisor, and the one who takes the responsibility as commander when Allegra or Reeves isnít there. His relationship with the Lone Wolf is as bad as Reeves, although he has a better way to solve problem with Allyster. Firm as well, but less than Reeves.

6. Name: Grace Lucia
Age: 25 to 26
Hair Colour: reddish
Eyes Colour: light blue
Weapon: type 64-silenced
Items: medic-kit, necklace, wedding ring.
Personality: Lucia is Reevesí wife. She is the only doctor in Black Sakura and also the mother figures. Gentle and elegant but not too excessive.

7. Name: Alpena Icia Yukihime (updated later)
Age: 15 to 16 years old
Hair Colour: Silver
Eyes Colour: light blue
Weapon: Ice Blade
Items: a hair pin, silver earrings, velvet gloves.
Personality: calm and cool. Alpena is able to think straightly at an urgent situation. She likes shopping very much, and fortunately, this hobby is supported by a good financial condition.


*Sial, bisa spoiler nih*

1. Name: Penelope Carnett Suzune Sakura (updated later)
Age: 16 to 17
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eyes Colour: Calm blue
Weapon: none
Items: blue earrings, necklace
Personality: She is cheerful and gentle, caring towards other. Sometimes she is easy to be jealous, but get back to her normal mood in no time.

2. Hekatean Trivia & Katrina
Ages 25 to 26
Hair Colour: red - Blue
Eyes Colour: red - Blue
Weapon: Walther pp, hand grenades
Items: Bracelet, make ups, a red Ferrari.

3. Clara Mauree
Age: 18 years old
Hair Colour: reddish
Eyes Colour: light blue
Weapon: none
Items: glasses, earrings, school bag


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